Industrial Fabric Solutions - Tank Liners

Industrial Fabric Solutions are specialists in the synthetic lining industry and are committed to provide the best possible service to their customers in order to fulfil their specific needs. We provide a complete service and support for any lining installation project including: Water Tank Liners, Dam Liners, Pond Liners and Storage Tank Liners.

Leak Detection & Water Tank Repairs

For the past 25 years Industrial Fabrics Solutions has actively offered Maintenance & Refurbishment of Water Storage Tanks. We are the leaders in Water Tank Maintenance. We do everything from Leak Detection through to Tank Waterproofing including Water Tank Repairs. We can fabricate our own Liners to suit any leakage situation and make sure that leakage is no longer a problem.

Liquid Containment

We produce our own quality Waterproofing Membranes that allow us to provide a superior Liquid Containment Services to our customers. Our geomembranes will keep pond water volume consistent because of its exceptionally low permeability rates. Those geomembranes will also keep waste product confined preventing the intrusion of groundwater borne pollutants from entering aquaculture ponds.


Tank Liners - Leak Detection - Water Tank Liners - Dam Liners - Settlement Ponds - Pond Liners

  • Commercial - Tank Liners, Leak Detection

    New or existing commercial tanks. We complete the water proofing package.

  • Rural - Water Tank Liners, Liquid Containment

    Liners for all tank and dam applications. Save $$$. Don’t replace. Fix with a liner.

  • Tank Maintenance - Dam Liners, Settlement Ponds

    Secure your water storage with comprehensive reports on fire / commercial tanks.

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